"We returned from vacation to discover it had been raining into our house. The water was pouring in where the 1970s-era addition joined the rest of the house. Fortunately, we found Scott Sterling and Sterling Construction. Scott did a wonderful job designing a cricket that diverted rainfall while preserving the clerestory windows that were an integral part of the addition. He repaired all the internal damage caused by the leaks, and even installed new, energy efficient skylights. At every stage of the process, Scott communicated clearly and effectively, demonstrating a mastery of design concepts as well as respect for his clients. His work crews were on time, efficient, professional and courteous, and his subcontractors a pleasure to work with. They even cleaned up after themselves. Working with Sterling Construction has been a lot of fun; we can’t recommend them highly enough."
- Sabina Magliocco & Susan E. Parker
"Anyone who has been through a remodel or other construction project knows it's a long process from initial meeting through bid, execution and that pesky punch list at the end. Working with Scott Sterling and Sterling Construction on several major remodels to our home and after having had less than satisfactory experiences with other contractors previously, we remain very pleased with all stages of the process. We received detailed estimates with realistic provisions for any extras on our part, or for problems uncovered during work (when you open the walls of an existing house, you don't know what you will find). The work of the Sterling team was of high quality and they managed their subcontractors efficiently. Most important, Scott has remained available, where other contractors have deserted us, to work through the punch list and beyond, as we identified further, smaller projects that many contractors are unwilling to undertake. Once on the job, Scott stays on the job."
- David G.

"Scott Sterling was recommended to us by our architect. She thought Scott was just the right person for the job – the addition of a master bedroom suite with a large patio on top to our almost 80 year old house in Adamshill. We had heard quite a few horror stories of additions/remodels/contractors in general. Fortunately, we went with our architect’s valued opinion.

First of all, Scott and all his team are very friendly, cordial and trustworthy persons that are a pleasure to have around. This is extremely important when you live in the house that is being remodeled, and have the various work crews in “your” space all the time. Everybody always had some friendly words for our young kids who grew to love Scott and actually missed him upon completion of the project.

We were given a detailed projection of the construction cost, and when changes occurred (damage was found regarding the existing structure) we were also given details about any extra cost immediately. We really liked the transparency. That way there were no bad surprises in the end, and we could budget well. We also appreciated the punctuality of almost everybody involved in the project, the accessibility of Scott at all times, and the timely completion of the project (did I mention we had small kids…?) as a whole. We heard that that was pretty rare!

And, of course, we were very pleased with the execution of the project. Nobody can even tell now how the house looked before! Sterling Construction paid great attention to detail, and involved us whenever necessary so we really got to make the new space our own. We were impressed with the professionalism, the craftsmanship and the pride the company takes in doing their job well. And that they do. We wish we had more projects!"

- Skip and Sibylle Westbrook


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